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EQ Insurance Company Limited

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Silver Consultancy Pte Ltd

EQ Maid


  • Legal liabilities - We will indemnify you against legal liability arising from claims by your foreign domestic maid at Common Law of up to S$5,000 in any one accident / in aggregate.
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses - We pay up to S$30,000 in Hospital and Surgical Expenses (per year limit) in Singapore Government Restructured Hospital (6-Bedded).
  • Wages Compensation - We pay up to S$30 per day for Wages & Levy Reimbursement (Maximum 30 days).
  • Insurance Guarantee - We will provide a Letter of Guarantee to MOM in lieu of the S$5,000 cash deposit.
  • Personal Accident - We pay up S$60,000 in the event of an accidental death or permanent disablement.
Downloads & Forms
EQ Maid Proposal Form
EQ Maid Insurance Policy Wordings
EQ Insurance Bond for the Phillipines Govt ($7k)